The Bothy

The 'Bothy' is at the heart of what Living Lordswood is all about. The name is taken from a Scottish term for a shelter or mountain hut,  a place of refuge in the mountains where anyone is free to come and find shelter and safety. Although there are few creature comforts in a bothy there is often a wonderful sense of friendship as strangers drop in, gather round an open fire, eat a simple meal and chat about 'life the universe and everything.'

We want the Lordswood Bothy to be a space where people can take refuge – kick off their shoes, drop their masks, share some food and drink, make friends and be accepted for who they are. We welcome those from all faiths and none to come and explore the big questions of life and discover whether the story of Jesus provides any answers that help us find a better way of living.

When does the bothy meet?

There are a number of opportunities to connect. Read and see if one is right for you….

Tuesday evenings: 7:30 -9:00

Agnostics Anonymous has a great feel about it. The group is open to all and meets on the second Tuesday of the month.  Our discussions are accompanied by food and a glass or two of wine and it is a great place for newbies to 'dip their toes in the water'. There is a real sense of camaraderie, banter and friendship.. We always have an empty chair so you can be sure there is a place for you when you turn up. In the past this group has discussed such as – what does it mean to be human, the problem of suffering, hugs and forgiveness, science and faith – and the life of Jesus. Everyone is encouraged to share their point of view and nothing is off limits. Sometimes we watch a video or film to stimulate discussion – such as: 'Summer in the forest' or 'The Shack'.

Just for starters  – three out of four Tuesdays

Still wondering about God, Jesus, or the Bible? Just for starters gives you a tantalising 'insiders' taste of what it looks like to follow Jesus. It assumes no background knowledge of Jesus and provides an opportunity to explore a bit of the Bible with others in a very safe, non-threatening environment. No question is off-limits. In this group, you’ll have a taste of what it’s like to be in community with other people on a similar journey.

Sunday mornings: 10:30 – 11:15 followed by lunch 12:00 – 13:00

Action stations

This is designed so that all ages can get together to explore a bit of the bible, pray for the needs in our world and sing. It is informal and often features a learning experience for kids that involves a video clip and supporting activities. After a short time connecting with God in a home, we go out and connect with God in the world he has made. There is plenty of opportunity for walks and cycle rides and at 12 noon we meet for a simple lunch.

Make a difference

On our Clean-up Sundays we meet a little earlier at 10:00 am. The pattern is similar to other Sundays but on these weeks we take our inspiration from some aspect of God's creation and remind ourselves of the privilege and responsibility we have to take care of the world.

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