Charity Ceilidh

Date of annual charity ceilidh
7:30pm Saturday 18th November 2017
Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, Hill Lane


Eventbrite - Charity Ceilidh 2017Ticket prices: £12 per person. The price of a ticket includes a complementary drink on arrival and a buffet supper at the interval.  Free soft drinks and snacks are provided throughout.   BYO alcohol.


What is a Ceilidh?
A Ceilidh (pronounced ‘KAY-lee’ to rhyme with daily, gaily, ukulele, Israeli and Bill Haley) is a friendly social event centred around lively Scottish dancing and includes a tasty supper.

What should I wear?
Enough – but not too much!  A ceilidh is a social occasion, so feel free to dress up if you like. But it’s also energetic, so flat shoes are better than high heels – and that goes for the ladies too. So bring your dancing shoes, or bare feet are also fine (depending on your partner!) A bit of tartan never goes amiss.  But take your jackets off, if you don’t want to get too hot!

I won’t know any of the dances…
So what’s the problem? Neither will 90% of the people there – that’s part of the fun. The Woodsiders Ceilidh Band have a dance caller who will teach you the dances clearly and quickly without any fuss whatever. Even seasoned ceilidh-goers like a wee reminder, if only to ensure everyone else knows what they’re doing! It takes about 1 minute to show people the steps, and the fun is in learning some new dances, and remembering some old ones. It’s incredibly easy – even your grannie could do it!  And as long as your top half looks confident, we’re not too bothered what your bottom half is doing…

Will I enjoy it?
What’s not to love? It’s the sort of dancing that gets everyone, young and old, all dancing together. It’s great for community spirit, for exercise, and it’s SOOOO easy. Throw caution to the wind, and get up on the dance floor. Life is not a spectator sport!

Do I need a dance partner?
Nope!  That’s the beauty of it…you can ask anyone to join you, or just get onto the dance floor and we’ll get you a dance partner. Not all dances need a partner either- some are group dances, so you can get all the people sitting around you at your table up for a wee jig.

What about food?
A tasty supper is included in the ticket price along with soft drinks. Please feel free to bring your own booze.

Is there an age restriction?
A ceilidh is a lively event and we don’t want any little person trodden on!  So this event is restricted to teens and above.

What charity are you supporting?
The proceeds of ticket sales will go to support Macmillan Cancer Charity.

Any questions?

For more information or help with purchasing tickets please contact us