Lordswood corona choir 2020


‘Sing in hope!’

Join our virtual corona choir this summer

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic our summer choir this year will be different.  Very different!  

‘Social distancing’ is just not compatible with squeezing 50 bodies into the community centre, singing out hearts out,  laughing our heads off and sharing refreshments!  

Nevertheless, more than ever our community needs ‘joy, hope and a sense of belonging’ – the very things Living Lordswood is committed to  bring.  So we have been trying to work out how we might fulfil those ambitions for the choir without putting anyone at risk. 

Like Blackadder’s Baldrick, we can now say: “I have a cunning plan…’

Here’s what we are hoping to do…

We plan to run a ‘virtual corona choir’ this summer. We are not quite sure how it will work, especially for some of our members with less access to computers, but here are some of the building blocks:

  • Invite interested choir members to sign up (its free but we need to know who wants to be part of this project.)
  • Involve the choir members to help in choosing one or two songs 
  • Distribute parts and rehearsal tracks for the songs
  • Support rehearsals with Facebook and website
  • Rehearse at home and possibly on-line
  • Individuals to record themselves via Skype / Facetime / Zoom / WhatsApp / Answerphone and Ian will then work some magic
  • Produce the finished product for uploading to the web on 20th June 2020

We know this is not ideal, but we are hoping a load of people will sign up and that we can use the virtual choir to stay in contact and check how everyone is doing.  

So the first task is to sign up and then start suggesting a couple of songs…

Maybe one ‘serious’ and the other fun…

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